Nantdywyll Fflint


26th May 2006
Licensed Welsh Section A Stallion
Nantdywyll Barcud ap Bargen x Colgele Ffiona

We bought Fflint from the Heniarth Stud and he arrived in the Isle of Man on the 15th April 2008. Thank you to Richard & Meirion for letting us buy him.

Show Record
2006 Fflint & Dembigh Show - 1st Foal.
Kennaa Equestrian Centre Winter Qualifying Show - 1st Youngstock and 1st Yearling, Two year & three year M&M Small Breeds In Hand
2009 Ellan Vannin Nativie Pony Association Summer Qualifier Show - 2nd Welsh Section A & B In Hand and 2nd M&M Youngstock
2009 Royal Manx Agricultural Show - 1st 3yr old Under 14.2hh and 2nd Small Breeds M&M In Hand (Highest placed Secion A)

2010 Kennaa Riding Club Spring Qualifying Show - 2nd M&M Small Breeds In Hand
2010 Royal Manx Agricultural Show - 2nd Small Breeds M&M In Hand (beaten by our own mare!)
2011 Kennaa Riding Club Spring Qualifying Show - 1st M&M In Hand, 1st Home Produced M&M. In Hand Champion
2013 Southern Agricultural Show - 1st Small Breeds M&M In Hand. M&M Champion

2010 - Filly - Cushag Top-Fflite out of Polaris Tamarisk
2010 - Colt - Cushag Ffinlo out of Briolen Su
2011 - Filly - Cushag Time Flies out of Polaris Tamarisk
2011 - Filly - Utopian Ffancy Ffootwork out of Russetwood Gossamer
2012 - Colt - Cushag Ffinbar out of Colne Nerina
2012 - Filly - Cushag Ffleur out of Gartconnel Curious

2013 - Colt - Cushag Ffilmstar out of Gartconnel Curious
2014 - Colt - Cushag Ffynoderee out of Polaris Tamarisk
2014 - Filly - Addiena Fflyte out of Conrhenny Whistle Down The Wind
2014 - Filly - Cushag Kys'tou out of Colne Karinda
2014 - Filly - Cushag Ffiona out of Gartconnel Curious
2016 - Colt - Cushag Kalypso out of Colne Karinda
2016 - Colt - Cushag Ffandango out of Gartconnel Curious
2018 - Filly - Cushag Ffantasia out of Gartconnel Curious
2020 - Filly - Cushag Fflorrie Forde out of Gartconnel Curious
2022 - Filly - Cushag Fflitterbug out of Gartconnel Curious

Galchog Bargen
Pentrecoch Pererin
Galchog Heini
Nantdywyll Gwenol
Gartconnel Salad
Coed Coch Penadur
Gayan Ffion
Gayan Game Lad
Gayan Sidan


Photo as 3yr old

Photo as 3yr old